The Plan

The Alaska Alliance for Healthy Kids organizes its efforts around the Strategic Plan to Address Childhood Obesity in Alaska.

Read the Strategic Plan

Summary: Alaska Alliance for Healthy Kids Strategic Plan – Executive Summary (PDF)

Full Plan: Alaska Alliance for Healthy Kids Strategic Plan – Full Plan (PDF)

If you are interested in learning more about the planning process, please see the “Our Process” section in the Strategic Plan and the information at the end of this page.

What is the Plan?

Vision : Healthy Alaska Kids

Mission : Reverse the upward trend of childhood overweight and obesity prevalence and its impact on the Alaska economy to improve the well-being of current and future Alaskans.

Six Indicators for Promoting Healthy Kids : These six indicators, recognized by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention as evidence-based best practices for reducing obesity, will be tracked by the Alaska Department of Health and Social Services

1 : Increase Breastfeeding Initiation, Duration and Exclusivity

2 : Increase Fruit & Vegetable Consumption

3 : Increase Physical Activity

4 : Decrease Sugar-Sweetened Beverage Consumption

5 : Decrease Energy-Dense (“Junk”) Food Consumption

6 : Decrease Non-Academic Screen Time

Four Priorities : There is a lot of great work being done in Alaska to address childhood obesity. The alliance is a broad coalition of organizations and individuals working to influence children’s health for the better. The alliance takes a public health approach and focuses on environment- and policy-based strategies to “change the context” and improve the ability for everyone to make healthier choices for our kids. Making policy changes in schools, healthcare organizations, communities and other settings will have a great deal of impact on our opportunities for healthy living.

Priority 1 : Promote comprehensive, high quality physical and health education (K-12) for Alaska students.

Priority 2 : Promote adoption and integration of evidence-based or consensus guidelines for prevention, screening, diagnosis, and treatment of overweight and obesity from pregnancy through adolescence by primary healthcare providers.

Priority 3 : Improve access to healthy choices and healthy environments for parents and children, to increase healthy eating, physical activity, and breastfeeding.

Priority 4 : Maintain a comprehensive public education and communications effort that uses a social marketing approach to promote physical activity and other health messages for children and their families.

Small workgroups will collaborate to achieve these four priorities, guided by the leadership and direction of the Alaska Alliance for Healthy Kids Steering Committee. These groups will implement Action Plans developed during the Summit, meeting regularly to share their progress and support each other’s efforts across the state. Click here to learn more and join a workgroup.