2013 Summit

The 2013 Childhood Obesity Prevention and Child Health Summit brought together over 90 stakeholders from across Alaska, interested in reducing childhood obesity and promoting kids’ health. Participants had the opportunity to hear from keynote speakers about best practices in obesity prevention and public health, learn about the Alliance’s strategic plan to prevent childhood obesity, and work together with their colleagues to build action plans that move Alaska toward a reduction in the prevalence of childhood obesity.

The summit was held at the Alaska Native Heritage Center in Anchorage on September 16th & 17th, 2013.

Summit “by the Numbers”

Over the course of two days, we convened a group of 91 people, including:

  • 9 men and 82 women
  • 34 people from outside Anchorage
  • 26 people working for the Alaska Department of Health and Social Services
  • 25 healthcare professionals
  • 14 people working for non-profits
  • 13 people at tribal health organizations
  • 10 people working in school districts
  • 6 great sponsor organizations
  • 5 knowledgeable panelists
  • 4 engaging keynote speakers
  • 1 professional chef
  • 1 certified personal trainer

… and one person arrived at the Alaska Native Heritage Center on their bike!

By the end of day one, the group had:

  • Consumed 5 pounds’ worth of coffee beans
  • Enjoyed a lunch with 9 pounds of salmon, 6 pounds of cod, and 6 pounds of reindeer sausage
  • Collectively, completed about 600 minutes of exercise during the afternoon break
  • Completed over 100 strategies for the four priority areas in the Strategic Plan!

By the end of day two, this group spent four hours determining which strategies to focus on and how to begin doing the work, developed four action plans (one of which is actually three mini-action plans) to implement the four priorities, and coalesced into one united alliance!

2013 Summit Sponsors



State of Alaska Department of Health and Social Services

Team Captain

Alaska Native Tribal Health Consortium

United Way of Anchorage

Balanced Breakfast

Healthy Alaskans 2020

Show and Tell

Kidney Foundation, Alaska Chapter
University of Alaska Anchorage, Department of Health Sciences